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Ep. 20:
2022: Prognostications, Prophesies, Predictions
and Pile-Ups

After Episode 19’s postmortem of a particularly painful 2021, your Tolerable Hosts to kick off a new season by copping to the many imprecise projections we posited in the past year’s shows and making pragmatic predictions for 2022. Meaning: We’re setting ourselves up for another year of mid-course corrections and mea culpas (plus more cheap alliteration). But that’s just business as usual.

The return to work story will never die. Ditto supply chain issues. But cannabis, crypto and climate are even more fun to talk about. As are four-day and hybrid work-weeks. And the upcoming epic billionaire space disaster the media continues to ignore.

Hear it here first.


TWG asked some of the smartest people in the world to help us help you to be more successful. We promised them snacks and shenanigans. Who could pass that up?

In Season 1, we’ll tailgate and talk truth about leadership, improving competitiveness, the future of work, brand, ethics and the beauty of failing on the way to the corner office. And we'll do it with current and former top brass from companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Uber and Gatorade. We’ll discuss the power of great storytelling with the story creator behind some of Pixar’s most celebrated animated films, push the buttons of best-selling authors and test the patience of a legendary military leader or two. And that’s just for starters.

24 extraordinary leaders are set to unfold their lawn chairs and hang with us. We're gonna need more weiners and Pringles.


Well-connected, successful and overly talkative. Being upstaged by their guests bothers them only slightly.  

Ken Schmidt

Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Leadership Consultant. Buys all of his clothes at airports. 

Martin Flaherty

Consultant, Strategist, Counsel to Executive Leadership Teams. Grows vegetables and eats them. 

Lekan Bashua

Serial Entrepenur, ex-corporate player, tech expert and consultant to start ups. On Clubhouse day and night.


From consulting, to speaking, to growing the next smart new business. Here's what else we're doing.

As if they didn't have enough to do already, Ken and Martin co-founded TORQUE SESSIONS -- highly-interactive training engagements for executive leaders wanting to reposition their businesses to create distance from competitors, maximize profitability and strengthen customer and employee loyalty. Check it out.

Content. Community. Capital: Three things (among countless others) that drive Lekan. He's hugely passionate about building early stage companies with underestimated founders and his well-recognized super power is recognizing trends early and swooping in to take advantage of them. Plus he gets huge points for tolerating Ken and Martin. (Secretly, he's just as difficult :-)

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